“Informative, enjoyable and creatively mind opening.”

“An educational, emotional, beneficial, eye-opening adventure.”

Above are just a few of the responses on previous Expressive Therapy training run by our team (you can find more at the bottom of this post)! We are excited to announce that we are now offering an Introduction to Expressive Therapy professional development training.

The Introduction to Expressive Therapy course breaks down the basics of Expressive Therapy. This course is ideal for professionals who are interested in implementing Expressive Therapy concepts into their practice. 

Topics covered include the intersection of Expressive Therapy and attachment, trauma, neurobiology and child development.

We will discuss case studies and cultural and ethical considerations. Importantly, we understand Expressive Therapy to be an experiential, body-based approach, and that the lived experience of participating in activities gives rich insight into the effective and therapeutic elements of Expressive Therapy.

Be prepared to create, hold space for your own and others’ vulnerability, curiosity and growth, and to invoke a genuine in-the-moment learning process; all guided by highly experienced and qualified psychotherapists from Expressive Therapy SA.

This course is intended for people in the health, education, helping professions who may be interested in the expressive and therapeutic use of the arts.

No previous experience of creative ways of working are required. This course has an experiential training group format therefore, important to be prepared to take part activities and discussion.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand and describe what Expressive Therapy is, and how this differs to creative practices (such as visual art).
  2. Understand ethical implications of the use of First Nations’ people’s expressive practices.
  3. Describe the ways in which Expressive Therapy is a “multisensory” experience.
  4. Understand and describe how Expressive Therapy interacts with neurobiological systems.
  5. Understand a simply model of Expressive Therapy which can be integrated into multi-disciplinary practice.
  6. Understand and describe ethical considerations integral in Expressive Therapy.
  7. Understand the importance of participation in experiential activities, self and group reflection.

Training Details:

Adelaide CBD (location TBA)
Thursday 25th November 2021
Click here to secure your spot (Adelaide CBD)

Stretton Centre, Playford
Wednesday 8th December 2021
Click here to secure your spot (Playford)

Early Bird $185 (available until midnight 29th Oct via the booking links above)
Standard booking $210

If you have any further questions, please reach out to: [email protected] or 08 7081 5886

An extremely enjoyable and interesting course set in a safe and comfortable environment. The tutor is very personable and an expert in her field. I would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in the arts or people working in the caring profession.”

Really enlightening – both to learn about expressive therapy and to learn more about yourself.”

“I have learned a lot about myself through attending the course and I have become much more creative. I loved it!”

As a counsellor working with young people this course has opened up further the possibilities of image-making, and given me the confidence to encourage it in my therapeutic work.”

“Fantastic tutor!  Paula really knows her stuff.  Expressive therapy has been brilliant for me, opening new doors in my career and opened me up to new possibilities.”

 “I have found this course enlightening, interesting and at times inspiring, especially to be in a safe group where people do not feel judged.  I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going into expressive therapy, or who isn’t!”